History...The Breeze Story….
(How we came to be)

Born in a the hidden backwaters of a Louisiana swamp, a young Cajun mother, known as “The Queen of Memphis” returned to her homelands and produced four children, in the early years they would play in the swamp fishing for catfish, bating gators and hunting raccoon's, they played in the muddy waters catching stars and listened to Elvis singing blue suede shoes on the wireless with old glory flying on the porch.





Whilst they listened to the distant sound of the railroad, the four of them would sing and play making the sounds that they heard all around them. After a few years playing only to their Sweet Mama, (Daddy was a simple man and worked away on the railroads with uncle Jack and cousin Jim, they were drafted and became freebirds never to return (“still in siagon” mama would say, when the boys asked!)

As they grew up The Breeze started playing on street corners and local juke joints until the early hours, playing for tips, the southern folks would regularly say that the sound those four made with their sweet music was described as beautiful as The Breeze rushing through the swamplands.

After Sweet mama passed The Breeze took a midnight rider to Mobile Alabama where they would listen to the long haired country boy “old Charlie” who would tell them stories of Devils in Georgia, the danger of quick sand in woolly swamp, as the last of a dying breed Charlie and Johnny was their guiding lights and showed them how to create that authentic Southern sound of outlaws and renegades.

Always looking for fun, looking for the party The Breeze is hankerin’ to bring the the deep fired southern sounds to the U.K.

“Give me a Hell Yeah…cause the south’s gonna do it again!”

*for entertainment purposes only